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"This Review Goes for All the 2010 Electrolux Wave Touch Steam"
Aug 22, 2010

North Hollywood, CA

This Washer is 50X better than the last model "EWFLS65I"  I had last years model and had some problems which is very normal when you buy anything thats 1st generation. Luckily, I was still in my time frame to exchange it when this just came out. The customer service at Electrolux was amazing. They really stand behind there product. They were very honest and didn't try once to blame me for the problems i was having and right away helped out with my exchange. Not that the older model was bad or not reliable.

 That machine was amazing also. Just some minor problems.. But this model is most definitely the best washer and dryer in the world! I just read on ABC 6 News that this machine earned #1 in Energy Efficiency by the EPA on Aug 19th 2010. ok, back to this machine.. I don't know where to begin. Theres so many cycles, features and things I love about it to mention. This machine has add more water, Fast steam, Fast sanitize and so many more. My favorite though is the Fast Sanitize and the 14 min Wash for small loads and also I love the Add water feature since the other one didn't have that. 

This Washer is even more quieter than the older model which means its almost silent now since the other one was extremely quiet also. This washer makes doing laundry fun. I seriously mean it. WELL DONE ELECTROLUX!!  its well worth the money. yes, its more expensive than other high end ones, but this one is the most high end you can get out of a washer. You get what you pay for and trust me, you will not be sorry. this will be your new favorite toy for a long time! i can't believe im saying this about a washer, but you will see what i mean when you get it. 

The reason why I didn't just get a different brand after my problems with my 1st one is cause I knew from how amazing the older one was, that this one can only be even way better, and also cause The people over at Electrolux were very nice and very helpful. they were amazing also which is hard to come by these days with these big companies. I hope this helps out with your decision. There's no other reviews yet on these cause they just came out. It was a little frustrating for me cause I was checking all the time hoping someone will review it so I know wether to get it or get something different. Well, I am so Happy I stayed with Electrolux. They have the nicest, coolest stuff! 

AND NO... I don't work for them or know anyone that does. Just trying to express how happy i am and how happy you will be too. GO GET ONE