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Positive Reviews Wed, Jun 17, 2009

Love this set. Got to get it.
Had a smaller front load Frigidaire. Upgraded to this set. Love everything about it. I shopped around for along time trying to decide and talked to every salesmen at every store. I was torn between the LG, the Whirpool, Electrlux, and GE. This one had all the features I wanted and needed. The dryer turns itself on for longer if your load isn't dry. I usually never write reviews, but always read them. But I'm so happy with the washer and dryer I had to write. It's got the steam feature too.

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Negative Reviews Mon, Jul 20, 2009

Repairs cost more than the washer
We purchased this product and it worked great for a year (while under the manufacturer's warranty). It stopped working at a year and a half. Whirlpool sent out A&E repair and they said the MCU (Motor Control Unit) went out and will cost me over $600 for the repair. That's almost as much as it cost us originally! We called Whirlpool, who didn't seem to want to help. They do not stand behind their products! After speaking with several friends, they all have said they had problems with Whirlpool washers and dryers, with the MCU of CCU (Central Control Unit) going out. Both of which are costly repairs. Save yourself the money on repairs and get another brand. ANY other brand.
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"Whirlppol Duet is the best washer ever"
Jun 10, 2012

Yuma, Arizona
"My Whirlpool Washer is Wonderful!!"
Jun 4, 2012

Canonsburg, PA
"love it but get an extended warranty"
Apr 23, 2012

HESPERIA, California
"2 years and now junk!"
Mar 15, 2012

Rawlings, MD
"I love it but dont love to fix it:)"
Mar 13, 2012

Saline, MI
"Great washer"
Mar 7, 2012

Somersworth, NH
"Total POS. Motor froze after 3 years of light use."
Sep 15, 2010

Helotes, TX

This washer started out and seemed like a dream. But after 2 repairs on the extended warranty and then into the 3rd year the motor locks up solid. Seems Whirlpool is doing a poor job on these and is looking for the replacement part business. Will never get my business again.

"an engineering failure"
Jan 27, 2010

Hornell, NY

I bought the duet 5 years ago. It worked great for only 4 years. The main bearing in the tub housing failed, so I replaced the rear housing for 225 dollars. It lasted 8 months. Now I have to spend over 600 the fix the machine. It is easy to work on, but replacement parts are ridiculously high priced. Needless to say, I'm buying a top loading machine now for the same price it would cost to fix the Duet, and thats if I do It myself.                                                                                                                        If the engineers at whirlpool had designed the duet with bearings at the front of the tub it would still be running.  I'm no engineer, but most things are common sense.

"Piece of Junk"
Dec 4, 2009

Bensenville, IL

The washer is 2 years old and would not spin.  The F25 error was displayed.  I called Sears service and they pushed a service contract.  The contract is $329 only covers expenses up to $500.  The repair bill was $800. The entire drum and bearings need to be replaced.  I recommend to keep checking the reviews.  There are many people with this same failure.  So Sears says pay $300 more or get a credit of $500 on a new machine.   I sent an email to Whirlpool on the poor quality of the product and there response was to try someone other than Sears for a second opinion at my expense.  The phone people at Sears are terrible and it is 3-4 transfers for every call in.   DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK.  The people who gave this high ratings did not have a failure.  Like me, the people who gave it low ratings have product failures and are left with a 2 year old white steel pile of junk in my laundry room.

"Not worth it"
Nov 17, 2009

Middletown, MD

We've had our Duet for a little over two years and were just told today that the bearing is shot and the repair would cost over $800.  Fortunately, we have a home warranty and its covered but if not, we would be out that much money.   The washer did an average job on our clothes.  It took a while for me to figure out how to get rid of the funky mildew smell (had to run bleach in the cleaning cycle once a month and only used powder HE detergent) but once I did, I never had the smell problem again.  The machine never impressed me and I would not buy another.