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Positive Reviews Mon, Dec 23, 2013

great washer
love the touch screen

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Negative Reviews Mon, Sep 22, 2014

Samsung is a Terrible Product
Bought top-rated Samsung front-loader: Highlights: - Broke at 24 months - Samsung didn't have the part after a month, they bought me out. - Most telling....the Refund Department was backed-up and it took them 5 business days to contact me....clearly Samsung has big problems. Details: - Many laundry service companies in the suburbs of Boston refuse to service Samsung due to parts shortages - I found an independent AND engaged Samsung's National Service center for help simultaneously - The independent said immediately "this machine is too broken and is not worth fixing." This from a guy in business to sell parts and service. He said Samsung's is poorly built and that you don't get what you pay for. He said LG and Whirlpool are best built for the money. - One week later the Samsung tech tells me, "machine needs a rear bearing assembly (which includes the steel drum), a motor and some other part that connects the two." This technician also told me Samsung is worst/poorly built and LG and others are better. - Two weeks later Samsung Customer Service tells me they don't know how much longer it is going to take to get the parts. I deal with multiple departments and get bought-out at 77.5% of what I had paid. Each department has a process that takes 1-2 weeks and the whole experience lasts 5 weeks AND you can't throw-out your old washer until you receive your check, which means you have to pay for delivery of the new machine and then either pay again to have it hauled-away weeks later or deal with disposal on your own. - Most interesting was that the refund department is supposed to make contact in 2 business days, but the prior rep said expect 5 days. It took 5 days. Bottom line, they are so backed-up with refunds they take a week to start the conversation! - Also, I never liked my Samsung as much as a very similar LG I had at my prior house, because it was louder and it did not remove hair. Certain garments, like socks, would come out of the dryer covered in hair. I believe this is an issue with the washer, not the dryer, but both were Samsung. - Last point...not including shopping for the new machine, I spent 6 hours seeing this matter through with Samsung and had 3 45+ minute holds while being transferred to different departments at Samsung. They seem to be a true disaster and I advise you to steer clear.
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"Samsung is a Terrible Product"
Sep 22, 2014

Dover, MA
"great washer"
Dec 23, 2013

Nashville, TN