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Positive Reviews Sun, Oct 7, 2012

Mega Capacity Washer and Dryer by LG
I waited four months for this item to be released and available for purchase. The one item that I have regretted purchasing is the pedestals. When you have the washer on a high spin cycle, the washer vibrates big time. Therefore, we no longer use this cycle. Also the pedestals are not tall enough to handle the liquid wash soap standing upright. Another problem is the washer door only opens from the right to left, however my laundry room is set up the reverse. Thus the installers had to switch the washer to the opposite side which required longer hoses, and the dryer needed a very long exhast pipe to cross behind the dryer and washer to the wall so it could vent properly. Others have mention a moldy smell with front loader washers, therefore I wipe around the seal and leave the washer door open to air dry. No moldy smell at this time to report. We love the fact that both units can do large laundry loads, thus it doesn't take very much of our time to do the laundry.

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Negative Reviews Sun, Mar 10, 2013

Big capacity but horrible quality
Dont beleive the hype for this unit. I have had nothing but problems with it since day one. WHile its a big 5.1 cu ft capacity they didnt upgrade the suspension system from the smaller units. So it can still only hold 24 lbs of clothes the same as any other 4.3 cu ft washer. The machine shakes the whole house when you put in a full load. It has also eaten a few of my work shirts because of the seam in the tub. They use a 2 peice drum wich leaves a very rigid seam on the inside of the drum wich eates clothes. The sales person told me the acess to the filter on the bottom was a nice feature but come to find out they need it there because of a design flaw. There is a large gap between the tub and seal alowing for more things like change and baby socks to get into the pump. If you look atwhirlpool machine its a night and day difference. Somethign small but very annoying is that the computer resets every time you turn off the power. it dosent remeber how you set your cycles
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Best washing machine we have ever purchased..
Jul 5, 2014

What a great pair of machines !!!.
Jul 4, 2014

One of the best and Amazing Machine from LG.
Jul 2, 2014

So far so good.
Jun 22, 2014

Poorly made.
Jun 22, 2014

Busy Mom
Does What It Says It Will Do!.
Jun 21, 2014

Big Momma.
Jun 7, 2014

Excellant Machines Highly Recommend.
Jun 1, 2014

Novato, CA
Cut my water bill by 1/3.
May 23, 2014

Easy to use and understand.
May 22, 2014