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Awesome washer and dryer.
Jan 17, 2012

Bryans Road, MD

Definitely a must have washer and dryer combo.  But whatever you do, go to *******, ******, ********** or anywhere but Sears to buy.  The delivery and installation service I received was unprofessional and horrendous.  Didn't level the machine.  Didn't switch the dryer door.  All things I had to do myself.  The scratched up my machine stacking the dryer and wouldn't fix or offer any compensation for the fact that it took them over 10 days to finally get everything installed scratched and improper.

Again, buy these machines with confidence, just somewhere other than Sears and save yourself the heartache.

I LOVE my new washer!!!.
Dec 24, 2011

Tippecanoe, IN

I love my new washer. I use the steam setting quite often! It seems to get the clothes cleaner & come out smelling fresher. There is moisture on the door & in the drum after a load but I just leave the door open for a while to let it dry and have had no problems with the drum smelling. I even love the little song it sings to me when it finishes a load. This is my favorite appliance I've ever bought myself. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it.

So far loving the quiet, the beauty and the features.
Nov 14, 2011

Salem, OR

After much research, we finally settled on this machine, because of it's features, reviews and aesthics.   After a few weeks of operation using the cotton, steamfresh, bright whites, speed wash, delicates, sanitary and rinse and spin cycles, I have had my clothes come out very clean and they have been spun so much that the time they used to have to spend in the dryer is halved.  the bright white cycle removed almost all the stains from my white slipcovers (some are very set in) after running the cycle two times.  I really like the child lock feature (although the kids are able to use the power button even when the child lock is on, which has only happened once so far).... I have also used it for washing heavy blankets and it does a great job getting them clean and spun.  The clothing is coming out looking less linty as well, which means that this machine manages to wash clothing very well while being gentle.  We have our laundry room on the second floor and we were worried about the thumping/vibrating noises produced by machines when they spin, and this machine has suprised us, it spins so quickly and yet produces very little noise (just a hum) and the ceiling is not thumping or vibrating, amazing. I enjoy all the extra functions that allow me to customize the cycles based on what I am washing such as the spin speed, the temperature of the water, the soil level, adding extra water if necessary, adding the staincare option for increased stain removal (it seems to really work) and using the freshcare option to keep clothing fresh after they are washed and don't have time to dry.  I also like the delay wash option which is helpful when you need to plan ahead.

I had one thing happen that might be of some help to somebody, a tub clean activation notice showed up the screen and told me that it was recommended to run the tub clean cycle and to turn the knob to the tub clean cycle, but it wouldn't let me turn the knob to the tub clean cycle, after worrying about it for a day and trying to call LG for help (which didn't work because they were conducting maintenance on their call centers), I realized that I had left the child lock on and that is what prevented me from being able to turn on the knob. So if anyone experiences an issue when it seems like none of the knobs or buttons are working, hold the child lock button and see if it turns off and allows you to access the controls again :)


I hope this machine will last a while and that I will get what I paid for...

LG 3875 washer - quiet and versatile.
Jul 26, 2011

Media, PA

We bought this washer, along with the companion dryer, just 6 weeks ago.  I can't speak to reliability, but operationally so far we all love it.  It's quiet - the only time you're even aware it's on is when the water drains.  Love the versatility.  There's a large assortment of cycles to pick from and you can customize all of them.  Now mostly we just use the permanent press with warm or cold water, but I do use the other cycles.  Speed wash is fantastic for occasional small loads ('Mom I need my uniform / concert shirt / we were supposed to wear a red shirt today...').  Really does only take 15 minutes - and you can change the water temp.   Allergine for the bedding, sanitary for cleaning rags, etc.  I think I've used nearly all of the cycles for something at least once.  I also use the 'coldwash technology' button for cold loads, but can't tell if it really makes a difference.

The door has a magnetic catch so that when not in use, it can be slightly ajar which keeps it from getting moldy / mildew (which can be a problem for front loaders).  What else... I like the soap dispenser I just pull it out to fill it which works well for me.  Also find the feature telling you how much time is left to be very handy.  This feature is pretty popular with the other laundry-doers in our house.  Oh and best of all.. the fun little tune it plays when it's done.  An unexpected bonus feature.  Seriously - people (not me!) have actually recorded it and put it on youtube. 

Note in the photo - the initial motivation for getting a new w/d was to get the controls on the front, so we could put a large folding counter above.  Happy to report that this has worked out exactly as hoped.

Great purchase!.
Mar 23, 2011

Thurmont, MD

Overall this was an excellent purchase. I am extremely happy with the choice I made. I researched heavily before heading to the store and knew what I wanted and the price I wanted to pay. The sales person was very helpful and got me an even better deal than I was hoping for!

The washer cleans very well. It saves on water, detergent and energy. I was very surprised at how well the clothes cleaned with the little water that was used. The machine is very quiet. I was so glad to see that LG was able to correct the vibration/rocking issue that many other brands have issues with. I was leary about front loaders as many of my friends complain about their machines vibrating so much they travel across the floor. Haven't seen that with this machine at all and I have been using it for about 3 months or so now.

Some have complained on other sites about a mildew smell. Honestly, it's a no-brainer. Leave the door open after the cycle to dry. What would you expect to happen if you close up a nice tight sealing door on a wet washer and leave it like that? I would be leary of a washer that did not need to air dry a bit with the door open to be honest with you. That would make me question how well it sealed and whether I would see leakage. If someone is concerned about the damp washer and would prefer to close the door immediately all that needs done is to take a dry cloth and wipe it dry. It literally takes just a minute to do. :)

The only negative thing I can say about it is that a bit of leftover water hangs out in the soap dispensing drawer. It's an easy fix but I would prefer droplets remaining rather than a puddle.

You forgot to turn it on, I don't hear any noise!.
Nov 9, 2010

Accokeek, MD

We had old Kenmore washer and dryer. This dryer is sooo quiet I had to ask whose cellphone was ringing. My wife said it was the washers end of cycle sound, wow! It cleans the clothes with minimum water, I'm impressed.

I think it looks great n easy 2 use .
Sep 20, 2010

Mattoon, IL

I like the way the washer looks and it seems like it would be easy 2 use and very useful