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Positive Reviews Sat, Apr 7, 2012

Great machine
My wife and I purchased this washer in October 2011 to replace 20+ year old machine that finally gave up the ghost. We researched washers for quite some time and, knowing that we plan to have kids in the near future, purchased a large machine, with the sanitizing steam option. We could not be happier with our purchase. This thing is quiet, does a GREAT job cleaning our clothes, saves a lot of water, saves detergent, looks great, and did I mention quiet? Additionally, it spins our clothes on such a high speed that they come out much dryer than with the old washer. The special cycles for large items such as bedding are great. We washed a queen size down comforter (yes, you can wash them at home. Dry clean only is a myth) and there was room to spare. I am confident we could do a king. Many people complain about the smell. Here is what I have to say about that. Follow the instructions! Yes, you have to dry the seal inside the door after your last load. If you don't, it gets smelly. Yes, you have to run a bleach-only "clean washer" cycle once a month. If you don't, it gets smelly. I've never tried the "HE washer tab" things since it seems like a gimmick. Good 'ol bleach has done the trick just fine. Overall, this is a small bit of work to keep a fine piece of machinery in good working order.

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Negative Reviews Fri, Apr 6, 2012

Not happy.
We purchased a Kenmore HE washer/dryer in 2010 41512900 with the "master protection agreement" from Sears. Very unhappy with the washer. Do not feel that it cleans the clothes well and have to double rinse each time. Also the seal has been moldy for about a year despite leaving the door open religously. Unfortunately the "master protection agreement" with the "annual service visit" does not include replacing the moldy seal or even cleaning it. And yes, the CSR folks are not too helpful or friendly.
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Leaves clothes stinky and not so fresh!!!.
Jun 21, 2013

Temecula, CA
Kenmore elite washer.
Aug 13, 2012

Deer Park, TX

Bought washer two years ago and repaired pump after one year.  Now the tub won't spin and sears is quoting me $950 to repair it.  I purchased this washer because I wanted a good quality dependable washer, ended up with a pile of dirty laundry and a huge piece of junk.  Will NOT buy from this store again. 

Sears Elite 41532 clothes washer .
Jul 30, 2012

Inyokern, CA

Our old washer (top loader, 21 yrs old) finally died. Read up on many washers and couldn't decide. After looking at what was available immediately from the local Sears store we settled on the Kenmore Elite front loader. The first surprise was that it was so quiet. Our old one chugged along, banging when spinning sometimes, but this machine rocks the clothing, one way then the other using an incredibly small amount of water (not like the old front loaders where the suds would be piling up on the window). Very little stress on the materials being laundered....just lightly tumbled...one way then the other. We filled it full for the second load and it worked even smoother than the light load. When the spin kicks in.....make sure you have it level. It starts spinnng slow, then will really "crank it on". As I haven't leveled it perfectly  I restricted the spin to medium. This machine turns faster than any other mechanism I've seen. Even at medium spin the clothes are very dry.....reducing drying time radically. We're off-the-grid and the generator shutting down did "hang-up" the spin cycle so we'll either leave the generator on or or not run it with the washer in the future. Variable water pressure will not disturb this machine.....it has a very wide range of water pressure it will work with. Sooo.... uses less electricity, less water, spins dryer, is quiet..a WINNER!     

Great machine.
Apr 7, 2012

Lawrence, KS
Not happy..
Apr 6, 2012

Monroe, WA
Love, Love this Dryer!.
Mar 23, 2012

Magnolia, TX
Does an amazing job.
Jan 30, 2012

Moraga, CA

I am very happy with this Kenmore Elite washer. The large capacity allows me to wash lots of big bulky items that I used to have to take to the laundromat because they wouldn't fit in my old top loader (with agitator).  It gets my clothes incredibly clean. I used to have to do a long soak and prewash cycles on my old machine to get our whites clean, but they come out very white and bright on the Whitest Whites setting on this new Kenmore. I suspect other owners who have had poor performance might not be using HE detergent or are using too much. A little goes a long way with these new machines. I love that this washer is energy and water efficient AND uses less detergent. I have cleaner clothes and lower energy and water bills.

If you have the room and budget, I would recommend the pedestals. We couldn't because of the location of an electrical panel over the machines, but it would be nice to get at the clothes without having to bend over so much. (I'm tall, though.)

I would not recommend the Kenmore Elite Washing Maching..
Jan 29, 2012

Sun Prairie, WI

This washer has a mildew smell, which is left on the clothes, expecially on towels.  The options they give in service do not take care of it.  I would not recommend anyone to buy this washer and can't beleive they still sell them.

My clothes came out of the Kenmore Elite F-L Washer dirtier!.
Jan 17, 2012

Lancaster, PA

I have never been more frustrated and dissatisfied with an appliance and company.  After 6 months of use our Kenmore front-load washer began leaving black stains on my clothes and sheets.  This problem has persisted for over a year despite many parts being replaced, and utimately the entire washer being rebuilt.  In addition to the black gunk coming from the washer, the control board died and needed replaced, and the washer leaked all over the floor after one of the technicans ran a test cycle.  We purchased the Sears Master Protection Agreement, but they have been combative and unsympathetic to our problems.  I do not wish anyone else the headaches I have experienced with SEARS.

kenmore elite frontload washer white.
Nov 30, 2011

Ozark, AL

We bought our kemore elite washer and dryer set in august 2010 6 months later we had to get a technician to come fix washer door the light stayed on and would not wash clothes.  6 months later same problem but, now my one year warranity is up seems like since it was the same problem they would fix it for free but NOT.  Also it took forever for them to get an appointment to come fix it and since it took so long FYI local technicians are leary of trying to fix front load washers and dryers they told me there sensitive.  I wish now I would have looked at buying regular loaded washer and dryers notice they are coming back!!!!  However I have a lot of appliances from Sears and have always been pleased with their services