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Positive Reviews Wed, Mar 20, 2013

Not An Old Fashioned Washer, But Close Enough
We originally bought an HE Kenmore top-loader to replace a 24 year old Kenmore. After 5 weeks of VERY disappointing results with the HE, Sears took it back and gave us our choice of a full refund or credit towards another machine. This low-tech Whirlpool has an agitator, the tub fills with water and does not have any load sensors. It does have an off balance sensor because it has a very high speed spin cycle. The lid also locks when the machine is in motion, but is unlocked when filling. You can even leave the lid OPEN while it fills in case you need to add clothes. It has a spin-rinse cycle or an old fashioned full rinse cycle depending on the setting that you choose. Read the manual. So far, this is as close to our old Kenmore that we could find. Also, the Whirlpool, like Kenmore, is assembled in the US (but not entirely of US parts). I'm an engineer, and in my opinion the High Efficiency (HE) concept is flawed. You need soap and water to get things clean. HE technology limits both

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Negative Reviews Mon, Mar 4, 2013

They really don't make them like they used to. My last machine lasted 20 years. The way they are designed now, they are bound to need repairing early on (only by a serviceman, no do-it-yourself jobs anymore) because everything is digital/computerized. Gone are the days when you could just open up the lid and check on you clothes while they are being washed. That is no longer possible with this new one. You have to press the button to open it, to close it, to pause, to stop it, to load it, to unload it, and to start it. So obviously that button and it's sensors will stop working long before the machine gives out. The machine makes an annoying pulsing/whirring sound while it agitates. Not quiet like the old one, so it's good that I have it in our basement so I don't hear it. Even the delivery guy warned me as he was taking away the old one, he said "you will not get even close to 20 years out of this new one!"
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"Broke in under 2 years!"
Jul 22, 2015

San Diego, CA
"redesign agitator"
Jan 15, 2015

Youngwood, PA
"This is great"
Jun 18, 2014

State College, PA
Jun 18, 2014

State College, PA
"WOW! Its like a front load machine on top. Finally a washer thats AUTOMATIC"
Dec 13, 2013

Sylmar, CA
"Horrible, heed the warnings!"
Oct 26, 2013

Houston, TX
"Good value"
Sep 26, 2013

Philadelphia, PA
"Good value"
Sep 26, 2013

Philadelphia, PA
"Good First Washer"
Sep 10, 2013

Converse, TX
Aug 25, 2013

Boalsburg, PA