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Positive Reviews Thu, Dec 18, 2008

Love it!
My clothes look and smell clean and fresh. Both washer and dryer are very quiet. The design is very clean and modern, not bulbous. I stacked them and they are easy to access and easy to use. I plan to purchase another set by the end of this year.

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Negative Reviews Wed, Oct 29, 2008

I purchased this pair because I've had a good run with LG electronics, I was terribly let down with this appliance! The Sales Rep told me that this would be quiet enough to put on my first floor laundry room. If quiet means less noisy than a jet plane, then it was. My husband and I made the decision to switch to a front load washer to save water and electricity. This washer made for a faster load, but my clothes did not come out as clean as they did with my old top loader from 1985! I ended up doing more research after realizing what "quiet" for a front loader meant, returned this pair, and purchased a pair from a different manufacturer who specializes in that technology. If you're looking for quiet, do not purchase this machine!
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Pricey, but love it!.
Apr 8, 2010

Greenville, WI

We've had the LG Steam washer and dryer for a couple of months.  I like the 4.5 cf large size of the washer.  I can now wash practically anything I have.  Don't have to take my king size comforters or large rugs to the laundry mat any more.  They come out clean and fresh smelling.  The steam option does make the cycle take alot longer, so I don't use it if I'm in a hurry. I didn't plan on buying the steam model, however the extra large washer is great!  At the time, ******** had this pair on sale, Sears honored their price plus gave an additional discount for buying from them. This made the price equal to the model without the steam. How great is that! 

The water level while washing looks like it should have more water....but everything seems to come out clean. 

We did buy the pedestals (they were included for free) and am glad we did. 

The anti-vibration technology does slow the spin if the load is out of balance.  However, it still spins the clothes dryer than my old top load washer.

Do not buy this washer..
Dec 18, 2009

Rhine, GA

I recently bought this LG steam washer (model #3001) & matching dryer and I ended up returning it. The washer drum was rocking so bad it shook the entire laundry room and it was really loud(sounded like a jet taking off) when in the spin cycle. My 8 month old baby would always get scared if I walked by this washer in the spin cycle. It got to where I hated to wash clothes. I had the Sears service tech. come check it and he said it must have a defect in the drum. I was offered a new one but I had already  lost faith in LG products. And the washer dispenser always had alot of water left after washing clothes-I think this also is a defect in this model.  And the matching dryer had great options, but was too loud for a dryer. As of today, after returning this LG set I am looking into getting Samsung now(maybe the Samsung model#WF328AAW). I have read good reviews on this model.  

Excellent HE Washing machine; Has all the Bells and Whistles.
Sep 21, 2009

Long Island, NY

We got ours delivered Monday September 14th, and have done only a few loads of laundry so far, maybe 6 or so, but they have been different types of loads and care needs. So far, everything came out very clean, and undamaged. The machine is very quiet. We bought the matching dryer as well, and I am writing a seperate review on that. This washer has so many options and features. I guess most of them will remain unused by most people, maybe even my wife and I, but we like having them available. This model has a very nice, large, easy to read LCD panel which really makes it easy to see what you are doing and even has comments on what you may have selected. Most normal washes can be done with just selecting one of the main seletions of the rotary selector switch, which has delfault settings to get that mode done. If you  want to tweak something or add other options you can.

The only problem (questions)we had was related to the detergent, bleach and softener dispenser drawer. The manual does not make it clear where to put color safe bleach or products like Oxi Clean. I called LG customer service and the rep I spoke to was not really sure what to tell me either! Anyway my wife figured that out. Sorry, but I don't remember waht she wound up doing. This washer runs very quietly and does not vibrate. We have the laundry set up in the basement which has a concrete floor. When the washer first starts to spin, it looks like it is going to vibrate, but it actually smoothes itself out in less than one second and spins very smoothly and quietly. the high spin speeds of the front loader really gets most of the water out of the clothing, so the dryer has an easy job. We love our new LG 3001 washer and dryer. If anything changes, or comes up, I will edit this and make note of it.

Not knowing the durability of this rather new machine, we took out the extended warranty on the washer and dryer.

The washer has a 2 year warranty on th electronic boards, and a 10 year warranty on the direct drive motor in addition to the 1 year overall warranty

Wow these are great.
Sep 2, 2009

Drexel Hill, PA

Had the LG steam washer and dryer for about a month and our clothes so much nicer, it is hard to explain.  If someone would tell me a few years ago  I spend this much for a washer and dryer I say  they are nuts,. I love them, they are everthing they  say the are and more. I check to see if the are still running   so quiet.

My wife's happy! That says it all. .
Aug 10, 2009

Baton Rouge, LA

My wife & I have 4 school-age kids so there's lots of towels and stained clothes.Our top-load washer & dryer were getting old and we needed a way to bring our freezer in from the storage room. We heard a lot about front-load washers, knew they could be stacked and decided to take the plung with the LG 4.5 cu ft steam washer and dryer pair. We knew the washing time was longer and the washer gasket needed to be dried to eliminate mildew. It's been 4 months, clothes come out fresh and completely clean. Steam is used on the washer for many stained items and we haven't needed Spray'n Wash to pretreat stains. Steam in the dryer takes clothes wrinkles out before the kids go to school, church or any family event. Why did we chose LG? It was a coin toss between Electrolux, Kenmore and LG. LG & Electrolux had the larger capacity. Of these two, Electrolux changed dryer models and no longer have the steam function. So, LG was our choice. Sears installed the stacked set in 45 minutes and demonstrated the basics. We now have washer, dryer and stand-up freezer in the same area as our old washer & dryer. The clothes and towels are less damp coming out the washer and drying time is 25-30 for a FULL towel load and doesn't take (2) one-hour cycles. The washer is quieter than the old unit (not whisper quiet) so we don't have to close doors. The dryer on top is way quieter than the old unit. No out-of-balance or vibration issues with either. No door seal leaking issues.  

GREAT PAIR!!!!!!!.
Jun 21, 2009

Eugene, Oregon
Apr 20, 2009

Pace, FL
Love our new machine.
Mar 25, 2009

, California
5 stars.
Mar 4, 2009

, Unknown
5 stars.
Jan 10, 2009

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