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Easy to use.
Nov 12, 2013

Sheldon, IA
Kenmore Elite hood power cord kit is assembly incorrectly.
Oct 4, 2011

Los Angeles, CA

I also received a defective assembled cord; the sales staff checked the remaining 3 in stock and all were the same. They told me to just pry it apart with a screw driver and reassemble it. I told them they should remove the remaining defective cords so other customers won't have this problem and he said "why people use them all the time", I need it for my Kenmore hood so I'll fix it myself thanks Sears.

Check the assembly of product before taking to the register.
Nov 9, 2010

Yorba Linda, CA

When you mount a range hood you have two options for connecting it to an electrical source. One is to hard-wire it directly to the house wiring, for example, a cable coming out of the wall. The other option is to plug it into an existing wall outlet. To plug it into a wall outlet you will need a wiring kit such as this one. It includes the wire/cable with a 3-prong grounded plug on one end and three connecting wires on the other end, plus a wire clamp to hold it in place on the range hood, two wire nuts to connect the device wires to the cable, plus a bracket that keeps the wire/cable from twisting. The green ground wire has a ring on it to screw it onto the ground plate of the device.

The problem that I encountered is that the first three assemblies I had opened were all assembled backwards. The wire clamp is locked onto the cable and cannot be removed and turned around. On the first 3, the clamp was mounted in reverse, the round end which fits into and locks the cable to the round knock-out hole on the range hood was facing towards the plug end instead of towards the hood end. The square end was facing the hood, and a square piece does not fit into a round hole no matter how hard you push. When ready to mount mine, I found the error and had to run back to the store to exchange it. I went to a different Sears just in case this store had received a bad batch. In the other store, I opened 3 packages before finding an assembly that was properly constructed.

Once I had the correctly assembled piece, the job took all of about 10 minutes, to wire and hang the hood. The quality of the parts is good, the quality control of the assembly is very poor considering 3 out of 4 packages were incorrectly assembled.