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Positive Reviews Mon, Nov 28, 2011

Reviews almost kept me from buying. Do your research!
I recommend anyone looking at this oven to do your own research and make your own purchasing decisions. Some of the reviews almost kept me from purchasing this oven. Paid for the professional install. Installers said its the heaviest wall oven they've ever installed. Not that it means everything but nice to know this isnt an oven with a lot of cheap plastic/low gauge metal. We're very happy with the oven, I've done everything from microwave popcorn to roasting a prime rib. Here are my personal thoughts: 1) Learn the oven. Read some directions and learn how to use it properly. These new ovens are not your mother's ovens. 2) Take the reviews with a grain of salt. I'll dispell some of the myths/incorrect comments on the reviews that bothered me enough almost not to purchase. "It can't even microwave popcorn" - Read the directions and you will know there is a plate to place on the turntable. Once the plate is there, you are golden. We finally had perfect auto-sensed microwave popcorn. Our old unit burned the popcorn every time! Microwaving popcorn does not make an oven but it sure was nice! "There is no element on the bottom of the oven making it cook unevenly" - False. There are 2 (I think 3 actually with the convection on) elements in the bottom oven. There are specific no-no's with newer ovens that older ovens didn't have so again - need to read up. "No child lock when cooking" - This is true. The electric child lock will not work when the oven is on. Probably a liability to have an electric lock active when food is cooking. What happens if there is an electrical failure and the food catches fire and you can't open the oven? Only option would probably be those old mechanical sliding locks I guess. 3) This is a nice oven, we are looking forward to cooking lots of holiday treats in it! We baked the best cookies ever vs our old oven the first week we got it. Only downside I find to this oven is the small display clock which I cannot read from across our great room.

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Negative Reviews Tue, May 15, 2012

Kenmore Elite 30" Electric Comb. Wall Oven
We do like the outside apparance of this micro/oven, easier to keep clean than a stainless steel refrig. We had a temp. control problem w/first unit, and unit was replaced. We have found the control panel itself much too small to read and very crowded. Too many features to figure out. Poor instruction manual. Convection oven does not bake evenly, and top convection oven does not work at all, just the microwave. We also find the blowing air from the fan on the micro very annoying. Fan runs too long, ie. you warm your coffee 30 sec. and the fan runs 2 min. Fans are loud and long running. (outer cavity fans) We have found it helps to leave the oven door cracked to decrease the running time. I wanted to learn to convection bake and can find no recipe adjustments or instructions anywhere. Even people who use them don't have the needed information. This unit was an upgrade as Sears did not have the unit we wanted. We are very disappointed in this oven/comb. and would NOT recommend anyone buy it. There were no reviews when we bought and wish we had just waited for the model we wanted instead of this poor upgrade?? Posted on May 13, 2012
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buyer beware. ”
Mar 12, 2015

West Chester, PA
Good and BAD - Microwave quit in LESS THAN A MONTH.. ”
Feb 12, 2015

Prescott, AZ
loud fan whining and whistling when both ovens working . ”
Jan 19, 2015

great looking wall oven and microwave did not think i would like convection. ”
Dec 1, 2014

Kenmore Elite Wall Oven w/Convection I would strongly recommend you not buy. ”
Oct 23, 2014

Do not buy. ”
Sep 18, 2014

Beaumont, TX
works great. ”
Sep 15, 2014

Microwave failures. ”
Jun 20, 2014

Heflin, AL
elite. ”
Feb 11, 2014

Payson, AZ
Kenmore Elite 30" combo oven. ”
Jan 26, 2014

Washougal, WA