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Positive Reviews Fri, Mar 23, 2012

Simple dishwasher for a simple girl.
I got this about two months ago and it doesn't have all the crazy fancy stuff a lot of expensive washers do, but it works well. The only thing that I don't like so far is it has a seam from the mold all the way around the inside that at first looks like a big scratch....my husband thought I managed to somehow crack it...lol.

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Negative Reviews Sat, Dec 8, 2012

Doesn't WASH the dishes
On the advice of an independent dealer, I purchased this model about two months ago. It replaces a 12-year-old machine that I used to WASH dishes that had been scraped and waved under a faucet. The first time, I used the Whirlpool WDF310PAA the same way. After the one-hour cycle, the dishes smelled and had visible food particles. I hand-washed them. The second time, I used the two-hour "normal cycle." The "clean" dishes didn't smell but still had food particles. Since then, I have power sprayed the dishes clean before loading them using 140 degree water from the tap. The dishwasher, set on heated wash and loaded with detergent and rinse agent, sanitizes the load. This model, updated from the one my dealer thought he was recommending, has only TWO sprayer arms, one under each rack and spraying UP only. The older model has an additional sprayer at the top spraying down. This model will SANITIZE your dishes, but it will not WASH them, and it will not save you water or energy.
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Very good value.
Mar 15, 2014

Whirlpool 24" Review.
Feb 7, 2014

Seattle, WA
Never Cleans Dishes; Use it as a Drainer.
Jan 30, 2014

Neosho, MO
easy to use.
Jan 26, 2014

Jan 20, 2014

Love this dishwasher.
Jan 7, 2014

Dishes come out really clean and shiny.
Dec 31, 2013

This product has great features and was easy to install.
Dec 30, 2013

Quiet and Easy to use.
Dec 30, 2013

It's serviceable and washes well and is very quiet, but takes forever...
Dec 27, 2013