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So quiet!.
Sep 9, 2014

Saint Clairsville, OH
Deal of the century!.
Aug 11, 2014

Great smasher!!.
Jul 18, 2014

Pompano Beach, FL
Kitchenaid compactor worked well for 2 years.
Jul 5, 2010

Diana, TX

This compactor worked well for 2 years, but is now jammed and we cannot open the door.  We purchased the extended service contract and here we are almost 2 months waiting for service repair person to show up!  The first scheduled appointment was almost 3 weeks from time of call and we waited for 3 weeks with smelly trash only to call due to a no show and Sears had to reschedule for another month! Still waiting for service with smelly trash now 2 months old. I guess the compactor must be good as far as containing whatever is now growing inside and shielding us from really smelly odors.  I really did like my compactor because we took out trash about twice a week! The compactor is quiet especially now! I would purchase this brand again but from another store.  We called again today, but the department we need is not open today (Monday)? This is the worst experience ever as far and service.  I will not buy a pair of socks at Sears after this!