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Positive Reviews Thu, Feb 16, 2012

Brother SC6600 great for beginners and pros alike!
I have only bought one other sewing machine in my life and that was 25 years ago. Two day before Halloween it stopped working. I was in a panic and ordered this Brother SC6600 online to pick up in the store. WOW! I've sewn for 25 years on an old singer from sears so my first thought when seeing this out of the box was that it was far too much for what I needed it for. Untli this machine I was a straight stitch and mending stitch person. Not only has my sewing changed in 25 years but, unfortunately, so has my eyesight. I was SO impressed that this machine threads the needle automatically!!! Now I'm making designer jeans for the teenagers in the neighborhood with the myriad of design/embroidery stitches. It's so (sew?) easy! I can't believe I held out so long. It was easy to pick up, thread, etc. I would highly recommend this machine to beginners and old hats, like me, alike.

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Negative Reviews Wed, Feb 6, 2013

Just a basic machine
This is a good machine for just basic sewing. It boggs and "CLUNKS" when going through heavy material or multi layers. If your sewing like a stuff toy or something with bulk the needle treader gets in the way and the treader is not the easiest thing to use.
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sewing machine.
Dec 28, 2013

Anchorage, AK
Well designed and engineered!.
Aug 17, 2013

Lake Stevens, WA
Just a basic machine .
Feb 6, 2013

Goodyear, AZ
sewing machine.
Jan 29, 2013

Plymouth, MA
Brother SC6600 great for beginners and pros alike!.
Feb 16, 2012

Apollo, PA
Great machine for someone just starting out..
Jan 1, 2012

Madison, WI

I am just getting back into sewing, and this is my first sewing machine (that's my own). I'm very impressed by it's ease of use and have had no issues thus far. I've only completed a few projects, but I'm overall very happy with my purchase. Other people have complained that the foot pedal moves, but I haven't had that issue. If it does become an issue I'm sure a little contact paper will do the trick!

Easy to use but kept jamming.
Dec 29, 2011

Longmont, CO

I had read about Brother and they generally had good reviews.  I bought this machine for my wife who has had a Singer touch-n-sew for years and wanted something new.  We both learned how to thread and everything was fine until she went to sew.  The bobbin thread got all jammed up when sewing fleece.  The machine started by making a clean line but then jammed.  We cleared the jam, rethreaded just to make sure and it did it again.  We did this two times more and ran out of ideas for what to do.  I took the machine back.

sewing machine Brother Sewing Machine SC6600.
Dec 28, 2011

Slidell, LA
Project Runway Knows best!!.
Nov 20, 2011

Enid, OK

I dwecided to buy a brother because its what the designers on project runway use, and it is wonderful i only sew the simple stuff but it easy to use!!!! I absolutely love it! I was able to zip through holiday stockings, sticha couple shirts and help my friend make new throw pillows i was very impressed and highly recomend!

So far, so good!.
Nov 7, 2011

Wilder, Kentucky

I've been sewing for decades, very experienced with a sewing machine.  This is my 4th sewing machine in 50 yrs. First one was a Singer, next two Kenmore brands, none of them computerized until this purchase.

Went to Sears to purchase a new Kenmore machine but they had NONE!  After reading the info on the Brother machine box and checking the reviews online (not at Sears) while standing in the store aisle,  I made the decision to purchase the Brother machine and see what computerized sewing is like.  One of the main reasons for purchasing this particular machine was that it had a real manual inside the box, I cannot live without a manual.  Reason number 2 ... it was on sale.

I was surprised at how light weight this machine is compared to my Kenmore.  I was able to thread it easily, it's exactly the same as all the machines I've ever used over the years.  The accessories box had everything I needed in order to sew a project without having to find and purchase additional feet or accessories.

Pushing a button to select a stitch is new to me and I found it very easy to learn to do this step.  I do work with the manual by my side though.  I refer to the stitch selection pages each time I switch stitches to make sure I'm using the correct foot and needle for my selection.  I love the manual, it has pictures and text, not just pictures that I must decipher what they're trying to tell me.

A few things that I find I need to get used to is that each time I turn off the machine and then turn it back on it reboots and changes the stitch back to 00, it does not "remember" the last stitch I programmed it for.  The backstitch control is a small button in an odd to use place rather than a lever easily reached with my right hand.  And finally, when I stop pressing on the foot pedal the machine does not stop stitching immediately, it always stitches one more stitch, as if it needs to have the final word.  None of these things is a deal breaker and I still like the machine, but I just find these a bit odd.

I used it right away, along with my Kenmore non-computerized sewing machine and my Babylock serger, to sew a couple of toddler dresses for sale at my Etsy shop and the Brother SC 6600 worked beautifully.

As another reviewer noted in her comments, the foot pedal does seem to want to travel a little when I step on it so I put a heavy object behind it to keep it in place and that works ok.

So far I like it.  But it's only been a couple days.  I'm beginning another sewing project today and we'll see how it goes.

So far, so good.