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Positive Reviews Fri, Jun 5, 2009

a solid performer
I read every review here, and went and bought one. I am a hobby knife builder, and wanted more than the hand drill press I've been using; it worked accurately, but I wanted a 1/2" chuck. Some of the comments of other reviewers are relevant, such as the near useless guard, but since I don't need the red lights to show me where to drill, I don't expect to be troubled by that option. I used a Starrett machinists square to check how straight a hole I can expect, and my machine is dead nuts accurate. Don't bother collecting a bunch of tools to put it together, a decent adjustable wrench will get what work is left after using the pair of hex wrenches included with the press. A small wrench might be needed to tighten the handles. Follow the directions and you should have it together and working in no time. I cleaned the spindle and chuck with denatured alcohol before assembly. I had no problem with the chuck falling off, or spinning on the spindle - it's not coming off. Be sure to follow the directions concerning hiding the teeth in the body of the chuck before you lay a piece of wood up against the chuck, and hit it with a hammer to drive the chuck home. Changing the speed is a piece of cake, and needs no tools. I too would prefer a light, though my experience with inexpensive machines finds that those lights rarely stay where I want them to, and so, I'll rewire to remove the pest. I read many reviews of various brands, went and checked a couple out, and the overall quality of this machine, and the possibility of 2/3 hp, and, for the most part, a lack of serious complaints, sold me on the Craftsman, and it comes with a valuable parts breakdown by number. It's pretty quiet too. I wouldn't expect any more than what this machine offers for the price.

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Negative Reviews Fri, Dec 12, 2008

Good for the price, but has flaws
This is my first drill press and I was excited to get one. The set-up of the press was pretty easy out of the box and I have used the press for roughly 20 projects. Here are a couple of problems with this model. 1. The work surface is not true to the bit. The angel of the bit to the work surface (viewing from the side of the unit) is about 88 degrees (bit angles back toward the motor support shaft). At first I thought it was just my bit, but using both my squares and my digital angle measure (and other bits), it is off by a couple of degrees. Thinking that this was only a problem for my particular model, I took a couple of tools to sears with me and measured the angle of the "demo" model in the store. I got the same result. This is a big problem if you plan to use the press for making dowel joints (where a couple of degrees can really mess things up). 2. The attachment of the chuck to the motor arm is somewhat precarious. It could be that I have not gotten it on there securely, but I followed the instructions to the letter for installation (after it fell off the first time during operation). It has fallen off 4 times in total during roughly 4 hours of total operation. 3. The graduated shaft upon which the drilling surface travels when you want to raise or lower the surface shifts forward and back during the motion so that work surface moves left and right. I "fixed" this by adding an extra clamp to the top to stop this movement. 4. The laser is very hard to calibrate. I gave up because I didn't have an really short screwdrivers capable of loosening the screws (a right angle screw driver would have also worked). 5. The fence is pretty much worthless (see previous review) With all that being said, I still have gotten a lot of use out of this drill press and the flaws are not insurmountable. I would recommend this press to potential buyers since this model has more HP than comparably priced models and I doubt that they would have fewer problems than this model.
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"nice piece of equipment"
Oct 21, 2014

Kokomo, IN
"Serious Bench Drill"
Apr 15, 2014

"Abused it for over 5 years and it is going strong."
Dec 21, 2013

Chicago, IL
"not bad at all"
Nov 7, 2013

Carpentersville, IL
"The chuck wobbles"
Apr 22, 2013

Campton, NH
"A good bench drill press for the price"
Apr 20, 2013

Lee, NH
" Great machine for the price!"
Feb 22, 2013

Sparks, NV
" Nice piece of equipment"
Feb 9, 2013

Willow Grove, PA
"Good for price, needed new chuck."
Feb 6, 2013

Bailey, CO
"Very good power tool"
Feb 5, 2013

Wood Dale, IL

Purchased this drillpress for a project I was working on, easy setup, powerful, does not bog down in hardwood.  LaserTrac and fence useless.  Highly recommend.  I used to buy Ryobi power tools, I forgot about Craftsman, I now own 4 very pleased with quality and performance.