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Positive Reviews Thu, Mar 15, 2012

Perfect exerciser for my bigger than average 11 year old
Trying to find things for my son to do that he enjoys for exercise has been challenging. Thank you for bringing back the pogo stick - and on SALE at Christmas!!! Great, Super - I love it and so does he - 11 years old, 5'7" and 148 pounds!!!

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Negative Reviews Wed, Apr 18, 2012

Great fun for my daughter until it broke
I bought this for my daughter's 10th birthday. She loved it,and was bouncing around for 3 days until the bottom broke off. She only weighs 65 pounds and only jumped a few times a day. I returned it, in which Sears was very helpful (didn't have to pay postage). I assumed we just got a dud, so I ordered another one exactly like it. It came quickly, and the exact same thing happened! Day 3 it broke. So we will look for another brand of pogo stick.
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"lots of fun"
May 19, 2014

Sterling Heights, MI
"Great fun for my daughter until it broke"
Apr 18, 2012

Huntington, IN
Apr 14, 2012

Carpentersville, IL
"Perfect exerciser for my bigger than average 11 year old"
Mar 15, 2012

Saint Helena Island, SC
"Street Flyers Double Pogo Stick - Broke within weeks "
Feb 17, 2012

Portsmouth, RI

Bought it for our 8 yr old son at Christmas.  Took him a few weeks to 'get' it but once he did he was doing over 100 jumps at a time.    UNfortunately, It only took about a week into his multiple jumps that the bottom rubber 'foot' fell right off.  It does look like it should screw into something, but there is nothing it attaches to.  So amamzingly bummed for him and us.  He is definetly a sedintary reader/computer kid....so seeing him run outside before the bus and after school to POGO was awesome!  The other reviews were very helpful in getting me to write mine.  This product is not worth the $40 bucks spent.


"The Street Flyers Double Pogo Stick is the best I've seen."
Feb 10, 2012

, 64109

The Street Flyer Double Pogo Stick is the best that I have ever seen or purchased.  My granddaughter loves it.  It is weel built and sturdy and it took her no time at all to master it.  The grahics are very nice and contemporary which is one of the things that she loves about it also.

"My son have one day before it broke!!!!"
Jan 25, 2012

Vincennes, IN

My 74 lb son got this for Christmas one Christmas Eve evening.  It broke on Christmas day.  Now the welding place tells me it may cost upto $30 to fix it or I can take it back to Kmart and get the refund.  Only problem is my two younger children know Santa brought that to their brother and I got it Black Friday for a very good deal.  Good deals arent' always worth the headache.  I am calling corporate after seeing these reveiws.

"Dangerous junk. Call CPSC to force a recall"
Jan 20, 2012

High Point, NC

Bought 2 and both broke apart on first use by kids who are WAY lighter than weight limit!

"Pogo stick broke first day kids grandchildren used it"
Jan 12, 2012

South Park, PA
"Street Flyer Pogo Stick broke within two weeks."
Jan 12, 2012

De Soto, MO

My 11 year old son received this for Christmas.  I actually drove an hour to get it as all the Sears stores closer were sold out.  It appeared to be pretty heavy duty and he is within the weight limit, around 125 lbs.  He only used it a dozen times or so before it wouldn't "bouce" anymore.  It looks like a piece broke off, which I'm guessing is the culprit.  I'm going to try and take it back and exchange it this week.  If the next one performs better, I'll update my review but for now, it wouldn't recommend it to anyone.