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Positive Reviews Sun, Sep 1, 2013

Good bike for the price but possible warranty issue
After measuring the bike when I got it home and comparing it to the results of a bike fitting website, all I had to do is change the handlebars and the seat a minor amount to get my knees, back and foot into proper angle for good cycling posture for this bike. It felt great after riding for a half a day. The only structural con of the bike that detracts from riding pleasure is that the front spring assisted suspension is kind of jerky out of the gate but gets better after use. You do need to look the bike over if it comes assembles and make sure everything is within the guidelines of the manual before just heading out on it. Mine neede major adjustments to the brakes, fenders and front deraileur. Also, the tubes were not inflated on the assembled bike and, in a store display, may spell bent rims and pinch flats on the tubes if ridden or sat upon by customers or employees. After inspection, I had to make some minor adjustments to true the rim but it may have been shipped from the manufaturer that way. The tires & rims on this bike are for paved roads and trails. The frame, with proper tires/rims, could do light gravel/dirt if compacted but no more. The bike's top tube may pose a problem for one that doesn't mount or dismount properly if inseam is less than 31 inches. Parts are name brand parts. It may not be Suntour's or Shimano's top of the line parts but with the NEW and current warranty on Schwinn bikes it doesn't matter unless you're more than a casual or recreational cyclist. Fenders are plastic but bikes needs lower weight anyway and although a pain to get straight, they are held in place with steel support rods and hardware, larger rear guard is held at 3 contact points. The rear rack is strong with welded tubluar aluminum but removeable and with bag clip spring. I initially took offense to the 2011 warranty card that came with this bike because it only gave a 5 years warranty on the aluminum frame and 1 year on parts but Sear.com says lifetime on frame and 1 year on parts. After speaking to Sears and then the manufacturer, it turns out that this bike had an older manual and warranty card than is offered on this bike. It gets better though, the current manufacturer's warranty on this bike is still not reflected on Sears' website. If you bought this bike as of around 2013 with a manual that has a warranty guarantee with anything less than Lifetime on ALL FRAMES including aluminum and Lifetime on all PARTS except normal wear and tear parts like tires, tubes and brake pads all you have to do is call or go to the Manufacturer's website and they will send you a current manual with current warranty via PDF file and snail mail for your records. A hardcopy sure makes you feel better on a lifetime warranty on an aluminum frame and major parts if you don't have $$ to spend on a higher priced bike with higher priced replacement parts over the lifetime of ownership since all parts, no matter the quality, wear out over many years.

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Negative Reviews Tue, Oct 30, 2012

This one isn't properly tuned or improperly assembled.
the bike looks really nice and its fast, but the one I have skips gears and the chain jumped off. I think it may just be the way it was assembled. I have to take it back for a replacement or to be repaired. Also, it won't go into third gear.
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"X-Mas Bike for hubby"
Jan 11, 2016

Downey, CA
"Excellent product!!!"
Oct 13, 2015

Miami, FL
"Very adequate bike for its price"
Aug 27, 2014

Wynnewood, PA
"Light and durable bike"
Jul 28, 2014

Saint Charles, IL
Jun 3, 2014

Merrillville, IN
"A schwin at a decent price"
Oct 13, 2013

Millsboro, DE
"Good bike for the price but possible warranty issue"
Sep 1, 2013

Charleston, WV
" I ride more than I drive now."
Feb 9, 2013

Lebanon, PA
" Great commuter and comfort bicycle "
Nov 21, 2012

Owasso, OK
"This one isn't properly tuned or improperly assembled."
Oct 30, 2012

Los Angeles, CA