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Positive Reviews Wed, Mar 18, 2009

4 stars
I purchased this treadmill mid-January to start training for a half marathon. I've had it for 2 months now and have been beyond pleased with the purchase. I'm running on it 3 to 4 days a week for anywhere from 45-90 minutes at a time and have had no problems. Overall it's very quiet (for a treadmill). The TV and built in fan are great bonuses and make long runs much easier to get through. We did have a bit of a fiasco getting it home and putting it together as it is HUGE and comes on a wood pallet. I did not want to wait for someone to deliver and assemble it but in retrospect would recommend to have it delivered. It took us about 4 hours to get it put together so depending on your patience, it may be worth it to pay for assembly also. I'd give it 5 stars for ease of use and reliability so far...if only it hadn't been so difficult to put together.

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Negative Reviews Fri, Jan 16, 2009

Needs repair, AGAIN, after only 1 month
First of all, I was very upset that the extended warranty was not with SEARS; it was with NordicTrack. I didn't realize that when I purchased it. So, customer service is limited to weekdays, 9-6 mountain time. There are long wait times on the phone while on hold, and their knowledge base is very "limited." Sadly, this machine does not live up to it's beauty. It is a beautiful machine, I tried it out in the store before buying it, and loved it. What I didn't realize at the store was that it was going to break down after 2 uses. While working out, it accelarated and I nearly FLEW OFF of the machine. The circuit board needed to be replaced after a single use. Due to the holidays, it took two weeks for me to receive the piece. Afterwards, it took another week for a tech to come out to replace it. Just to be on the safe side, I upgraded my surge supressor to a much newer and much more expensive model. One week later, 4 uses later, the speed is starting to go crazy again. It's like the machine is possessed. BUYER BEWARE!!! UPDATE: My husband recalibrated the speed and reset the machine. It seems to be working fine...at least for the past 10 minutes...
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Jun 28, 2010

Durham, NC

It has been over a year since I purchased this machine.  At the time it was advertised as a $3,000 machine on sale for $1,499.  My husband and I like that it claimed it had a commercial motor and would support up to 350lbs.  Lucky for us, we purchased the extended agreement on this machine. 

Day one when this was delivered/installed we had issues.  First there was a green line that was running through the screen.  We had to have the part delivered and the tech come out to fix it.  Then when he fixed it, one of the speakers went out and we needed him to order the part and come out again and fix it.  Then when my husband ran on it, the speed started fluctuating from 5.4 to 6.5 if he was trying to run at a 6 mph pace.  (He is only 200, which you would think for a treadmill that should support 350, this should not be an issue).

They tried replacing the motor, controller, reed switch, and now wanted to try the rails.  All of which took over a year now to do.  We would have to wait on a part, which would take a couple of weeks and then wait for the tech to come out which would also take several weeks because he covered an area from Virginia to Georgia.  We even have times when he was scheduled to show up and never came and rarely could we get him to return our calls. 

Noridic Track was extremely unprofessional in this process. They would say they were going to call us back and never would.  After 7-8 visits, you would think they would finally replace the thing!  Thank goodness for Sears, because we got so angry we went back to them and they are trying to make this right for us.  They said after the 3rd time he came out it should have been replaced.  This machine is a piece of junk and if you are over 100lbs and want a treadmill, do not buy this.  We have squeeks and pops on it and now it will not start.  I have to take off and reset the key every time.  Nordic Track does not care about it's customers.  They did everything possible to make us go away so they didn't have to replace our machine, and now we are going away and will never purchase one of their products again!

"Get a warranty, it's probably worth it."
Nov 30, 2009

Rochester, NY

I got this machine Dec. 2008.  I paid for home delivery and setup, which is good, because this thing ships in a HUGE wooden box that two movers could barely lift with arm straps.  Then as they were setting it up and lifting the base out of the packaging they held on to the front end and it swiveled right up and broke some wires.  I had to ask, "didn't that just break something?" to stop them from trying to complete the install with an already messed up machine.  So they took it away and rescheduled my delivery on a day they should have known they wouldn't have stock more stock in yet, as they sold me the last one.  So the delivery ended up being a week late but free (overall worth it, since I was already late for the Xmas present it was meant for).

I had this setup in my garage for a while (cooler to work out in and enough headroom), but the humidity was possibly messing with the electronics.  We started having some issues with it speeding up and slowing down on its own at the end of winter, but then just let it be, as we didn't really need it in the summer.  We moved it to a basement, which took about 4 guys to move it in its assembled form.  In October we started needing it again, but by that time it wasn't remotely running correctly.  The speed and everything else was all over the place or not working at all and we called in for warranty service.  After I couldn't even enter diagnostic mode due to one of the preset workout buttons being stuck on (which may have been causing some of the speed variation) they sent out a repair guy.

THE REPAIR GUY SAVED EVERYTHING.  While the Nordic Track people obviously don't have an excellent communication system with their local repairmen to schedule them in a timely fashion, once I got a hold of the guy directly everything went smoothly.  They had sent out a new console unit because the button was messed up.  He swapped that out, and then found that the speed sensor wasn't reading out anything.  So he clipped that off and replaced it with a little 1/4" wide by 2" long identical sensor, recalibrated, and the treadmill has been running like a champ for the last 1.5 months.

As for the treadmill.  Power is great, smoothness is great, width and length of the belt are great, so you don't feel like you're going to fall off or step on the edge.  TV location is good, TV sound is plenty loud, even with the banging of running at 9-10mph.  Remote doesn't work from that far away and I still don't know where exactly the sensor is, to best point the remote at.

I only paid approximately 55-60% of the current (12/09) listed retail price, but then several hundred for a 3 year warranty.  I certainly wouldn't have paid retail with all the problems and some of the mediocre reviews, so spot for a sale and then tell your Sears sales associate what the lowest price you've seen is when they see you waffling, that saved me a couple hundred bucks.

If I don't have any more problems with this I'd give a definite recommendation on the power and capabilities of this treadmill.  Just be aware that there might be a chance you'll be dealing with customer service on this model.

"absolutely a very disappointing experience...."
Sep 8, 2009

Hollister, CA

Treadmill #1 delivered and setup Fri 9/4. Incline did not work. Called NT customer service and they wanted me to pull things apart to diagnose. I need a new incline motor after " 0 " minutes of use NT customer service was more interested in selling me extended warranty. We called Sears and they delivered another Elite XT #2  Sun 9/6. After setup was complete we checked incline and belt speeds, everything looked fine. I ran 4 miles with no problems. This morning my wife tried using treadmill, and after putting the key on, the treadmill decided it would begin on its own. NOt one button will work to stop, increase, decrease and can't even get the fan to work. Spent 2 hours troubleshooting. Sears will be picking this up and a different brand will be purchased. I was really looking forward to having this treadmill to train for 1/2 marathon.

"Love this treadmill"
May 15, 2009

Annapolis, Maryland
"5 stars"
Apr 9, 2009

, Unknown
"Nothing but Trouble"
Apr 8, 2009

Bucks County, PA
"4 stars"
Mar 18, 2009

Tipp City, OH
"love it"
Mar 6, 2009

, michigan
"Needs repair, AGAIN, after only 1 month"
Jan 16, 2009

New York, NY
"Love it!"
Jan 5, 2009

, Michigan