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Jun 7, 2013

Pikesville, MD
"This bike surived my tough test ride on."
Feb 10, 2012

Whittier, CA

great bike i tough tested it

"Mongoose 20" Boy's Booster was just the ticket for my Grandson."
Jan 7, 2010

Marysville, OH

I purchased a Mongoose 20" Boy's Booster Bicycle for my Grandson this Christmas from our local Kmart.

 As any smart shopper, I was doing price comparison shopping. When I found the bike at a competitors store it was priced at $149.00, I made note of this and traveled across town to our local Kmart. Upon locating the same model at our local Kmart, I found that there was a tag announcing a sale and the Bike was $99.95, a significant savings.

 When I went to the check out it did not reflect the sales price, but the cashier called for a Manager to investigate the discrepancies. Upon checking, the manager discovered that this sale had ended the prior week. I told her that there was also a sign posted on another identical bike stating the same sale price. When she returned, she stated that since it was clearly posted as a sale item, and that it was their responsibility to have removed the the sale posters, she was going to override the current price and honor the sale price.

                                                                                John Bender

"Great deal"
Mar 5, 2009

Aberdeen, WA
"4 stars"
Dec 14, 2007

, pa
"2 stars"
Feb 23, 2007

, Unknown