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Model # LC60LE650U

$479.93 - 959.93 Up to 60% Off
1,199.99 (List Price)

Why Do Prices Vary
Model # LN40D630

$454.93 35% Off
699.99 (List Price)

Model # XBR65X850B

$1,845.93 - 3,399.93 Up to 54% Off
3,999.99 (List Price)

Why Do Prices Vary
Model # LC60EQ10U

$1,039.93 - 1,359.93 Up to 35% Off
1,599.99 (List Price)

Why Do Prices Vary
Model # LC80UQ17U

$3,599.93 - 4,399.93 Up to 35% Off
5,499.99 (List Price)

Why Do Prices Vary
Model # XBR55X850B

$1,199.93 - 2,549.93 Up to 60% Off
2,999.99 (List Price)

Why Do Prices Vary
Model # XBR49X850B

$1,399.93 30% Off
1,999.99 (List Price)

Model # XBR-65X900B

$2,999.93 40% Off
4,999.99 (List Price)

Model # KDL55W950B

$1,199.93 40% Off
1,999.99 (List Price)

Model # XBR55X900B

$2,799.93 30% Off
3,999.99 (List Price)

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Sears Outlet offers top of the line LCD flat screen TVs at the reduced prices. Enjoy TVs from Sharp, Panasonic, Sony and other brands with a full range of sizes including 32 and 42 inch TV’s. With 720p and 1080p LCD display monitors you are getting the fullest HD experience possible. Enjoy vivid color and brilliant resolution that will transform your master bedroom, den or man cave and keep everyone amazed and entertained.
Whether you want to enjoy movies and streaming video with maximum clarity, view photos in full HD glory, or forever transform your gaming experience, Sears Outlet has a LCD TV for you that is cheap and affordable. Enjoy features like simulated surround sound experience, 3D TV, Dolby Digital Plus audio to enhance your listening pleasure with clear high notes and rich low tones, or smart TVs with dual-core processor and built-in Wi-Fi. Many of our TVs are even energy-conscious, using as little energy as possible by detecting and adjusting to the brightness of your room, saving you power and money.
At Sears Outlet it is important to us that you get the HD television you want at the price you want. That is why we offer a website filter to allow customers to separate models according to price, condition, brand, height, width, and depth. Additionally, we have customer reviews for most products, each of which can be found on
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