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Model # MGDE201YW

$854.99 5% Off
899.99 (reg price)

Model # 6072

$379.99 5% Off
399.99 (reg price)

Model # MGDB950YG

$1,199.88 8% Off
1,299.99 (reg price)

Model # EIGD55

$1,043.88 5% Off
1,099.00 (reg price)

Model # DLE5001W

$949.88 5% Off
999.99 (reg price)

Model # DLG8501V

$1,614.99 5% Off
1,699.99 (reg price)

Model # GTDS570EDWW

$712.49 5% Off
749.99 (reg price)

Model # GTDX185EDCC

$522.49 5% Off
549.99 (reg price)

Model # 75202

$649.99 16% Off
769.99 (reg price)

Model # DV431AGP

$1,423.88 5% Off
1,499.99 (reg price)

Model # GTDS855GDMC

$1,329.99 5% Off
1,399.99 (reg price)

Model # 80441

$849.88 27% Off
1,159.99 (reg price)

Model # 61423

$999.99 16% Off
1,189.99 (reg price)

Model # GTDN550GDWW

$807.49 5% Off
849.99 (reg price)

Disclaimer: Prices may vary for Puerto Rico and Hawaii Stores

Sears Outlet has the best assortment of dryers for customers to choose from, including both electric dryers and gas dryers at sale prices. Our dryers come in many colors and styles, including white, black, red, silver, and stainless steel. Our models range from portable and compact to extra-large, and are measured in cubic feet.

With over 500 dryer models to choose from, Sears Outlet will definitely have the right dryer for you. We carry all of the major brands, including Whirlpool, Maytag, and Kenmore. Our electric dryers have options for extra-large capacity, multi-heat selections, and auto-drying levels to maintain optimum efficiency during the clothes drying process. Our gas dryers have features including Wrinkle Shield, Energy Preferred, and customizable ventilation options.

Additionally, we offer a filter to allow you to choose your dryer based on price, condition, brand, height, width, and depth. Customer reviews for items are also available on each of their respective products.
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