Sonic Blade Electric Knife

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Sonic Blade Electric Knife




The Sonic Blade™ is a revolutionary cordles power knife that will change the way you cut and slice foods forever. What makes it so unique is its proprietary "Non-Compression Sonic Separation" Technology (NCSS), which allows it to cut through hard or soft foods without crushing, smashing or breaking them apart. And, the best part is, the Sonic Blade™ does all the work. Even if you have never used an electric knife before, you will love the fast and siple ease of the Sonic Blade! Comes with two blades: The "5 in 1" blade is an all-around blade for slicing difficult foods, like whole chicken, raw or cooked steaks and chops, and even frozen racks of ribs. It is also great for precision-slicing delicate foods, like strawberries. The "Micro-Slicer" blade works wonders on slicing even the most delicate foods, such as breads and angel food cakes, as well as the solid, dense foods like blocks of hard cheese or lunchmeat. This blade is designed to fit perfectly into the Sonic Blade™ Deli Slicer Unit, which will give you perfect deli-slices every time.

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