Serta Perfect Sleeper Adrienne Firm

Item: 93672 | Model: 171751-330

Serta Perfect Sleeper Adrienne Firm

Serta Perfect Sleeper Adrienne Firm


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The Perfect Sleepers have been engineered with input from the National Sleep Foundation to help solve 5 common sleep problems: 1) Tossing and turning, 2)Lack of support leading to back pain, 3) Sleeping too hot or too cold, 4) Partner disturbance, 5) Mattress roll-off or sag 1) Tossing and Turning: ADVANCED COMFORT QUILT® Exclusive egg-crate foam & fluffy fibers relieve pressure and reduce tossing and turning 2)Lack of Support Leading to Back Pain: 532 CONTINUOUS SUPPORT® SYSTEM • Provides superior support along the entire length of the body for proper spinal alignment. • Rows of continuous coils run head-to-toe, with each coil attaching to its neighbors for more stability and durability. • Exclusive to Serta and available in select Perfect Sleeper mattresses 3) Sleeping too hot or too cold:COOL BALANCE™ FABRIC TECHNOLOGY • Helps to reduce the temperature swings that can disrupt a peaceful sleep. • Soft, comfortable fabric helps move excess heat away from the body. 4) Partner Disturbance: HEAD-TO-TOE COIL CONSTRUCTION : • Unique construction where each row of coils runs head-to-toe so that motion in one row is not felt in the adjoining rows. • Each coil attaches to its neighbor for enhanced stability to absorb motion so you can sleep soundly, even when your partner moves. 5) Mattress Roll-Off or Sag: TOTAL EDGE® FOAM ENCASEMENT• Advanced Foam-Encasement design PLUS a border rod prevents sagging at the mattress edges. • Helps eliminate that annoying edge "roll-off" so you can stretch out all the way to the edge of your mattress. COMFORT LAST™ CONSTRUCTION• Tested beyond industry standards to meet the demands of over 99% of the adult population. • Ensures that every Perfect Sleeper is built to deliver great comfort and support regardless of body type, size or sleep position. TEMPERED STEEL: Strong tempered steel enhances stability and durability

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