Kenmore Refrigerator Air Filter

Item: 9917 | Model: 9917

Kenmore Refrigerator Air Filter

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The Kenmore air filter (model 9917) is a revolutionary filter that actually eliminates odors in your fridge and freezer so you can have better tasting ice and food, not to mention, a better smelling fridge.  Using a unique formula of baking soda, activated carbon, and zeolites, the Kenmore refrigerator air filter actually traps, neutralizes, and removes odor-causing molecules from your refrigerator so that you can be rid of the smells and the stale tastes for up to six months – which is a lot longer than most refrigerator air filters.  Just change the refrigerator and freezer air filter every six months and you're all set.  No more bad-tasting leftovers and no more icky smells.  Just a fresh fridge every day.

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