Craftsman Cabinet Drawer Liners

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Craftsman Cabinet Drawer Liners

Craftsman Cabinet Drawer Liners


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Tool Cabinet Drawer Liners Slip Neatly into Place, Keeping Storage Units Tidy The Craftsman cabinet drawer liners fit full-length drawers in standard-size tool chests. The set includes five liners constructed of a soft but durable foam material, ideal to cushion your wrenches, socket sets, screwdrivers and more. Simply slip the drawer liner into the bottom of an empty tool cabinet drawer and adjust to ensure the entire area is covered. These easy-to-use drawer liners can be trimmed with scissors or a utility knife to create a custom fit. Cut a liner in half or thirds, and use as a protective sheeting in a tackle box or other smaller sized toolbox. The versatile tool cabinet drawer liners also can be used to line shelves in a workroom, garage or storage shed. When storing extra motor parts, place on shelves lined with these sturdy black liners to reduce marring and scoring surfaces. The liners also may reduce interior toolbox scratches and abrasions when used as a liner inside each drawer.

  • The Craftsman cabinet drawer liners match various Craftsman tool cabinets as well as other brands, fitting into any full-length drawer of a standard size tool chest
  • Set includes five drawer liners
  • Each liner measures 22.25 inches wide by 16.5 inches deep
  • Construction: foam for cushioning and long-lasting durability
  • Can be trimmed to fit smaller spaces; simply cut with scissors or utility knife
  • Trim to fit tackle boxes and portable toolboxes
  • Use as shelf and cabinet liners in the garage, workroom and shed or even in a truck bed toolbox

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No power
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Assembly may be required

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Package Contents:
5 Liners

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22.25 in. W x 16.5 in. D
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Drawer liners
Drawer liners

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Drawer liner
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