Everlast® Black Dual Heavy Bag Stand

Item: 15270 | Model: 4813B

Everlast® Black Dual Heavy Bag Stand


Everlast® Black Dual Heavy Bag Stand




A Sturdy, Dependable Dual Bag Built To Last Bring home a solid full body workout with the Dual Heavy Bag Stand . More than just for fight training, hitting the heavy bag gets your whole body in on the action, from your legs to your core to your arms and back, it’s a full workout that will put you on track to being in great shape. When combined with a speed bag, it’s also a great way to strengthen your heart through sustained exercise that pumps blood through every inch of your body, helping you reach an unparalleled level of cardiovascular health. If you’re a boxer , mixed martial artist or just want to defend yourself with confidence , this Dual Heavy Bag Stand turns any area into a gym where you can practice jabs, hooks and cross punches, along with kicks of all kinds, to build strength, control and endurance like you never have before. Lightweight and portable, yet incredibly strong, this frame is crafted from superior steel tubing so it’s able to easily hold bags up to 100 pounds in weight no matter how hard you hit them. And if you’re looking to really let loose, this Dual Bag Stand comes with three weight plate pegs so you can weigh it down for stability and send each punch, kick and elbow with a clear powerful focus. Built to last, bare steel is covered in a high-quality powder coat finish which stops rust even before it starts, while the adjustability of the frame allows it to accommodate all speed bag sizes , so when you change your bag, you can rest assured that this frame will work. The power of the Everlast name delivers a quality product that’s designed smart and built to last for life. Flexible enough to work with dozens of heavy and speed bags, strong enough to last for years and ready for intense workouts, this Dual Bag Stand delivers harder hooks , faster jabs and precisely aimed kicks whenever you’re ready to practice. Set it up in your garage, basement, gym or even yard and get the awesome workout you need at a price you can afford.

  • Adjustable height speed bag platform handles all speed bag sizes
  • Built to accommodate any heavy bag up to 100 lbs.
  • Includes: Three weight plate pegs
  • Footprint: 48-1/4” W x 84-1/8” H x 69” L
  • Assembly: Some assembly required

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