Monster Cable Cable, High Speed HDMI, 1 cable

Item: 50118 | Model: 127659-00

Monster Cable Cable, High Speed HDMI, 1 cable


Monster Cable Cable, High Speed HDMI, 1 cable




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2m. 6.56 ft. Digital video. Digital audio. High definition multimedia interface. 10.2 Gbps. 1080p - full high definition video. 60/120 Hz - faster speed for smooth motion video (Availability of advanced audio/video features is dependent on the capabilities of your components and display). 8-10 bit color - for lifelike color transitions. UL listed - in wall use. Cable TV approved (details inside). Monster HDMI 1.4 upgrade program. All-in-one digital AV cable for hookup of these components - monstrous hookup tips inside. High-def DVD player/DVR; AV receiver; HDTV; cable/satellite box. Higher definition picture and sound at a price everybody can afford. Outstanding digital video performance from new generation HDTVs, DVD players, and cable/satellite receivers. High speed HDMI cable meets all the needs of today's 1080 p picture with striking clarity, deep color, and darker blacks. Full digital lossless surround sound. Monster High Speed: 10.2 Gbps (Cable data rate measured under unequalized, worst-case conditions). RoHS compliant. ISF - Certified by the imaging science foundation. Simplay HD - data rate certified under worst case conditions. Monster's High Speed Cable for HDMI delivers crisp pictures, smooth motion, deep color, and incredible state-of-the-art, lossless surround sound. Maximize home theater performance for now and into the future at a very affordable price. Topping speeds of 10.2 Gbps, the Monster 700HD meets all of the performance needs of 1080p HDTV, Blu-ray disc player, AV receivers and HD cable/satellite boxes. High speed performance verified by simplay labs. The simplay HD mark ensures you get all the speed you paid for. Transfer all the colors of your digital camera on to your screen. As future displays reproduce a wider range of colors, photos on your HDTV will look just like your camera captured them: amazingly lifelike and colorful. Support for audio return channel: better sound fewer cables. Transfer digital surround sound from your HDTV to AV receiver. No extra audio cable needed. HD Bandwidth Compared: 15.8 Gbps - 1080p + 120/240 Hz, 16-bit color; 13.8 Gbps - 1080p+ 120 Hz, 12-bit color. 10.2 Gbps - 1080p, 60/120 Hz, 10-bit color; 2.23 Gbps - 720p/1080i, 60 Hz, 8-bit color. HDMI is a superhighway for digital video and audio. For the best high definition experience, use an HDMI cable that delivers all the picture and sour data your HD components require. Why Monster is worth it. The eye pattern test is an industry standard test that shows all signal degradations in a single image. The bigger the opening of the eye the better the cable performance. Open eye, clean signal. Actual eye patter test of 10.2 Gbps signal over a 2m Monster 700HD for HDMI. Closed eye, distorted signal. 10.2 Gbps signal over standard 2m HDMI cable leads to signal timing errors and distortion (Cable data rate measured under unequalized conditions. Test results available on request). The Need for Speed: 10.2 Gbps Monster speed rated HDMI. Rapid advancements in today's high definition components demand even higher speed HDMI cables so you get the best possible HD picture and sound. Monster Speed Rated HDMI Cables offer the widest selection of performance, at the widest range of prices, so you have the widest selection of HDMI cables to choose from, for now and into the future. All performance levels verified by Simplay labs. Monster advanced - HDMI. It's worth it. Duraflex Jacket: Extreme temperature and flex tested to withstand over 4,000 bends. Metal Strain Relief Collar: For maximum durability and conductor protection. 24k Gold Contacts: Tested to withstand 10,000 insertions to ensure signal integrity. High-Density Triple-Layer Shielding: Protects against radio frequency noise up to 1 Ghz. Precise Conductor Length: Exact wire terminations for precise signal timing and accuracy. RoHS Compliant: To protect consumer safety and reduce pollution. Product complies with international RoHS standards. Made in China.

  • Advanced High speed rated
  • 1080p Full HD higher definition picture and digital surround sound at a price everybody can afford
  • Full digital lossless surround sound.
  • Metal strain relief collar for maximum durability and conductor protection.
  • Integrated circuit powers high speed performance.
  • Monster exclusive V-Grip connector increases reliability.
  • 24k Gold contacts ested to withstand 10,000 insertions to ensure signal integrity
  • Duraflex® jacket flex tested under extreme temperature to withstand over 4,000 bends.
  • High-density triple-layer shielding protects against radio frequency noise up to 1Ghz

Specifications & Dimensions

Connector End:
Connector End:

Included with Item:
General Warranty:
Limited warranty - lifetime

Additional Features - General:
Gold-plated connectors
Cable Type - General:
Video / audio cable
Compliant Standards - Miscellaneous:
Interface Supported - General:
Jacket Material - General:
Left Connector(s) - Cable(s):
1 x 19 pin HDMI Type A - male
Length - General:
6.6 ft
Right Connector(s) - Cable(s):
1 x 19 pin HDMI Type A - male
Technology - General:
Triple shielded
Technology Features - General:
DoubleHelix construction, nitrogen gas-injected dielectric

Product Overview:
Extended Size:
1 cable

Length (in.):
6.6 ft

Product Documentation

Product Warranty - English

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