Craftsman 7 1/4-36T Carbide Blade

Item: 3767 | Model: 3767

Craftsman 7 1/4-36T Carbide Blade


Craftsman 7 1/4-36T Carbide Blade



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7 1/4" 36T Carbide Saw Blade Gives You a Cut That Is Not Quite as Rough as a Ripping Blade or as Fine as a Crosscut Blade With the Craftsman 7 1/4" 36T carbide saw blade , the cut you get is less smooth than a crosscut blade, but less likely to singe the wood. The cut is also less rough than a ripping blade, but the saw does not go through the wood as rapidly. This makes the saw a nice choice for everyday use. You will be able to use it to make cuts in your lumber that do not require more than average speed or finesse. Every tooth on the 7 1/4" 36T carbide saw blade is resilient carbide. This will prevent your blade from dulling too quickly or even breaking. This blade has a 5/8" arbor for mounting on your saw. Grooves on each quarter of the blade allow the blade to push away more sawdust and prevent singeing.

  • Craftsman 7 1/4" 36T carbide saw blade is durable because of the carbide teeth that do all of the cutting
  • This blade has a 5/8" arbor for mounting to your table saw
  • The 36 teeth of this saw blade ensure a cut that is adequate for most jobs, as it does not have the few teeth of a ripping saw or the many teeth of a crosscut blade
  • There are four cuts in the blade that help move away sawdust and debris for better results

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