Craftsman 6PC Damaged Bolt/Nut Remover Set

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Craftsman 6PC Damaged Bolt/Nut Remover Set

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This Bolt-Out Set Gets Stuck Fasteners Moving Designed to get the job back on track when bolts get stuck, this set delivers the grip and strength of hardened steel. Whether you’re working with a break bar, ratchet or wrench, it gives you a choice between a 3/8 inch drive end and an external hex, so no matter the angle you’re working at, you can get that fastener unstuck. Machined with a six-flute helical design, it digs into bolts delivering a solid, high torque grip, while the included punch clears each bolt-out when the job is done. A small addition to your kit that puts an end to job halting stripped bolts, add it to your arsenal before you take on the next gig, and get it done with Craftsman.

  • Bolt-Out Set includes: #2 (8 mm. & 5/16 in.), #4 (10 mm. & 3/8 in.), #5 (11 mm. & 7/16 in.), #6 (12 mm.) and #7 (13 mm. & 1/2 in.) removers, a punch and blow molded case
  • Black oxide coating prevents corrosion, while the blow molded case keeps the set organized
  • Internal 3/8 and external hex drives give more grip than other brands
  • Punch clears Bolt-Out, so it’s ready for the next job
  • Six-flute helical design digs into bolts
  • Expanded case allows the addition of filler set #52061

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Standard & metric

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0 to 100 pc. mechanics tool set

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Bolt-out sets
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