Craftsman 6 pc. Power Extractor and Damaged Screw Remover

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Craftsman 6 pc. Power Extractor and Damaged Screw Remover

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Drill-Out® quickly and easily removes broken bolts with the power of a hand drill. Self-centering prevents walking and the bell shape gives great control when drilling. Screw-Out™ removers can be used with an indented drive fit, Philips, slotted, hex, Torx®, tri-wing, Pozidriv and Frearson. Included in set are 4 Drill-Out® extractors and 2 larger Screw-Out™ removers.

Specifications & Dimensions

Kit or Set Type:
Screw extractor set
Drill Bit Type:

High speed steel (HSS)
Quantity in Set:
6 pc.
Quantity Type:
Drill bit sets

Dimensions and Weight:
Warranty Detail Link:

Product Overview:
Product Type:
Drill bits
Size Range:
1/4 to 1/2 in., 6 to 12 mm
Item Weight (lbs.):
0.21 lbs.
Product Type:
Drill Bit Ranges:

Bit Type:
Screw and bolt extractors

Screw and bolt extractors
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