Duraflame 5LB Firelog

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Duraflame 5LB Firelog


Duraflame 5LB Firelog



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Duraflame is America’s #1 brand of firelogs. Duraflame 5LB firelogs provide all of the ambiance of a wood fire without the mess or hassle. Duraflame firelogs light fully in less than 5 minutes and burn for 3 hours in any type of open hearth fireplace. Not one single tree is cut down to make a Duraflame firelog, and because they burn 80% cleaner than wood, you’re also helping to reduce the emissions in your neighborhood. Duraflame firelogs light faster and burn more completely than firewood, and because far less material is consumed when burning a firelog, significantly fewer pollutants are emitted than a comparable wood fire. A Duraflame firelog consumes 80% less material than a comparable 3-4 hour wood fire. There’s no mess or hassle and you’re doing your bit to help the environment without even trying.

  • Easy-light ignition system lights log quickly – reaches full ignition in under 5 minutes
  • Cleaner Burning –  Produces 80% less emissions than an equivalent duration wood fire
  • Made with a standard blend of high quality waxes and renewable, recycled biomass fiber

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