Kenmore Elite 3.9 cu. ft. Front-Load Washing Machine - White

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Kenmore Elite 3.9 cu. ft. Front-Load Washing Machine - White

Kenmore Elite 3.9 cu. ft. Front-Load Washing Machine - White


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This Kenmore® Elite washer brings a new level of style and innovation to the laundry room. This Elite washer is loaded with new features and Smart Wash Motion technologies to move, care and clean more than ever before. You can expect superior cleaning, capacity, conservation and clothes care. Plus, Kenmore® Elite offers 4 unique wash motions, making it possible to create new wash cycles that behave just the way they should to care for special fabrics. ENERGY STAR® CEE, TIER 3 — Save money and energy with this Energy Star qualified washer Cold Clean™ cycle uses the new wash motions and cold water to clean clothes as effectively as warm-water cycles, saving energy and money NSF CERTIFIED Sanitize cycle — eliminates 99.9% of certain bacteria, and does it naturally without chemicals like bleach 3.9 cu. ft. Ultra Capacity wash tub effectively cleans 38 X-Large T-Shirts in a single load Express Wash quickly washes a small load 1,200 Max RPMs — it is among the highest spin speeds available allowing for efficient water extraction and minimal drying times Stain Treat™ option — virtually eliminates the need to pre-treat stains by tackling tough set-in messes Answers on Call! Push a button and the Kenmore Connect™ System sends data from the appliance directly to our tech team using the phone. This may be all they need to handle questions on the spot, no service call, no time wasted

  • Smart Wash Technology (4 Motions: Tumbling, Rolling, Scrubbing, Stepping) — Kenmores specialty Kids Wear™ cycle makes it possible for customers to gently clean and care for their childrens clothing
  • SmartSense™ — automatically adjusts the wash and rinse time when too much or too little detergent is used to maximize cleaning
  • Kids Wear™ cycle — uses the new wash motion to provide more wash action to tackle kid-tough stains and automatically adds a second rinse to remove detergent residue making clothes more comfortable to wear
  • Kenmore Elites signature blue LED digital read-out makes it easy to read, see and set the controls, adding a contemporary, high-tech look of luxury technology
  • Direct Drive motor
  • Internal water heater
  • 10 wash cycles / 8 wash options
  • My Cycle
  • Stylish, integrated door design
  • Designer color choices — offers the new Kenmore color, Ginger
  • Dimensions: 39 in. H x 27 in. W x 30 in. D (195 lbs.)
  • *Sold Separately* Matching Kenmore White Dryer — Item #: 9/80512
  • *Sold Separately* Matching Kenmore Ginger Dryer — Item #: 9/80518
  • *Sold Separately* Matching Kenmore White 13.7 in. Pedestal for Kenmore Washer/Dryer — Item #: 51022
  • *Sold Separately* Matching Kenmore Ginger 13.7 in. Pedestal for Kenmore Washer/Dryer — Item #: 51028
  • *Sold Separately* Matching Kenmore White Stack Kit for Kenmore Washer/Dryer — Item #: 17002
  • *Sold Separately* Matching Kenmore Ginger Stack Kit for Kenmore Washer/Dryer — Item #: 17008

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