Craftsman 2" Spring Clamp with Cushioned Grip Handles

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Craftsman 2" Spring Clamp with Cushioned Grip Handles


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2-in. Spring Clamp Delivers Power, Grip and Comfort The Craftsman 2-in. spring clamp provides the holding power you need to work effectively on your projects. Whether you need a clamp for woodworking or small jobs around the house, it features pivoting jaw ends for a hold that is secure and uniform. Its throat is 2.75-inches deep, making it capable of clutching materials of varying widths and sizes. Because of its capacity to exert tremendous pressure, it's perfect for gluing and joining your work pieces together. The 2-in. spring clamp has a user-friendly construction that both beginners and professionals will enjoy. Handles are cushioned strictly for your comfort. Handles are also designed to be non-slip to give you the kind of grip you need to get jobs done quickly and safely. Its construction is impressively resilient and is built to repel rust. On top of its performance, easy operation and strength, it sports a black and red finish that makes it the best looking tool in your box.

  • The Craftsman 2-in. spring clamp delivers superior holding power to help you complete your projects with ease
  • Features jaw ends that pivot to provide a more secure, uniform hold
  • 2.75-inch throat opens to hold materials of different sizes and widths comfortably
  • Exerts impressive pressure to help with gluing and other joining tasks
  • Handles are built with cushioning to ensure comfort
  • Handles are slip-resistant to give you remarkable grip for safer and faster operation
  • Construction is impervious to rust to preserve its condition and to prolong its life
  • Black and red finish adds a little stylish flair to your tool box

Specifications & Dimensions

Clamp or Vise Depth Of Throat (In):
2-3/4 in.

Clamp or Vise Maximum Capacity:
2 in.
Main Handle Grip:

Spring clamps

Dimensions and Capacity:
Overall Color:

Clamp Vise:
Clamp or Vise Jaw Pads:

Product Overview:
Warranty Detail Link:
Overall Dimensions:
2 in.
Product Type:
Clamp, Vise or Press Type:
Spring clamp
Item Weight (lbs.):
Spring clamps

Dimensions and Weight:
Throat Depth (in.) :
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